The Israel Film Archive - Jerusalem Cinematheque is proud to announce the launch of a digitization project for the archive's collection of tapes.

The Israeli Film Archive holds thousands of tapes in Beta and U-matic format, containing Israeli films and films predating the State of Israel as well as materials dealing with the Holocaust.

As part of this project and in collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality and the Beracha Foundation, which supports this project, all Israeli films will be converted to digital files in different resolutions.

These tapes, some of which are over 40 years old, contain many treasures of documentary filmmaking, short narrative cinema and student films created starting in the 1970s.

As time progresses, the tapes' quality deteriorates, and the projection equipment for such tapes becomes increasingly rare.

This process is designed to neutralize the element of time with regard to the material's conservation and accessibility. The files produced in the project will be kept on the archive's servers and on professional backup tapes.

This project reflects the Israel Film Archive - Jerusalem Cinematheque's vision of promoting the high-quality digital preservation of Israel's audiovisual heritage.