Restoration of the Haim Gouri Trilogy


The Israel Film Archive has taken upon itself to restore the Haim Gouri and the Ghetto Fighters' Museum's Trilogy - The 81st Blow, Flames in the Ashes, and The Last Sea (produced between 1974-1985). This seminal documentary production is a compilation of varied archival materials, including original footage shot by Nazi film crews, documenting in great detail the Nazi death machine. The sound overlaying the archival images is comprised of the voices of hundreds of Holocaust survivors, speaking in their own languages and telling their personal stories, some for the first time in a public forum. 

These films are considered some of the most important documentary works created in Israel about the Holocaust, although they have so far received limited exposure among Israeli and world audiences. Their preservation and distribution in digital format will allow them to be brought to the awareness of a public that is hardly aware of their existence.

At the end of this process a DVD set of these three films will be produced in six different languages and distributed worldwide. This project is expected to be ready by mid-2009.