A Tribute to Israeli Films from the '50s-'70s

To mark the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel and with cooperation with the Jerusalem Cinematheque - Israel Film Archive, local film funds, and the German Historical Museum Berlin, a tribute to Israeli films of the 1950s-1970s was held in Berlin in the end of April 2008. 12 Israeli films (Hill 24 Doesn't Answer, Hole in the Moon, But Where Is Daniel Wax?, Diary [Perlov], Big Eyes, Light Of Nowhere, Eldorodo, They Were Ten, Ashdd 1961, In Jerusalem, Etz O Palestina, and Blaumilch Canal) were chosen to represent Israeli filmmaking of that time. The original prints were sent to a lab that specializes in aged material for duplication purposes. Two copies were made of each film - one was screened during the tribute, and the other was made for preservation. As of now, further tribute screenings are planned in five additional cities around Germany, and cities in Europe and North America.