Another year of film, talking cinema, cinematic dreams, monologues, dialogues and adventures is upon us. This year's selection of subjects is varied going from cinema, the love of film, awareness and lack of awareness, revolutions, desires and cinematic surprises. The selection of films will introduces us to changing realities, paradoxes, and personal stories.

The films selected fot the Morning: Lecture's Choice meetings are a fascinating journey through cinema's masterpieces and thought provoking films. The Return, Synecdoche New York, All About My Mother, and The Cemetery Club are just a few examples. Some films are well known some will be a revelation to the audience. The 16 meetings will reveal to you "films" you have not seen before. It is the same "Mother", but the cinematic reading will expose the rich artistic and cinematic means Almodovar used. The discussion surrounding Sex & Lucia will cross familiar terms and allow a fresh look at basic cultural terms.

The annual course Psychology and Cinema will ask questions about awareness and lack of awareness. This course allows us to take the questions any films poses for us and answer them differently each year.

We will be traveling around the world, across the United States, Iran, and Latin America. This journey will be quite complex. Choosing the films for our course about American cinema was tough, as American cinema invented many genres, broke many boundaries, explored varied subjects eras, and phenomena, and brought us unforgettable directors, actors and performances. We chose to explore those who had marked time, culture and dialogue. Films and stories about slavery, the melting pot, dreams and liberty.

Iran behind the Vail has limited choice of films that made it to Israel. Iranian cinema bravely exposes intimate stories; a rich culture, the personal struggle and the successful artistry which manages to cross borders and evoke emotion.  


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