The 10th Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival

Opening Event - The Empty Nest


Daniel Burman's new film portrays a couple's crisis after their children leave the family nest. Will a visit to Israel to see their youngest daughter help them out of their distress?

We are honored to gift Daniel Burman with an Achievement Award and to hold a tribute to his filmmaking during the month of December




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Panel - Jewish Identity in South America

Screening of About Sugarcane and Homecoming

Followed by a Panel discussion with Rabbi David Tabachnik, Dr. Margalit Bejerano, and director Shaul Kesslassi

Opening of Daniel Burman Retrospective

Screening of Waiting for the Messiah, followed by conversation with director Daniel Burman

Moderator: Estaban Gottfried  

Closing Event: The Golem with live musical soundtrack

The annual evening in memory of George (Rehor) Ostrovsky presents the Jewish Festival's closing event:


The Golem


With live music by Ido Govrin