The 4th Jerusalem International Film Festival for Children and Youth


The Jerusalem International Festival for Children and Youth brings the world's best films for children and young adults, the Festival attracts film professionals and local distributors. Join us for a five-day exhilarating tour around the globe, revealing the loves, hates, fears, difficulties ,and hopes of children from Jerusalem, Amsterdam, Oslo, New Zealand, and other countries.


Documentary Filmmaking Ethics

The Documentary Filmmaking Ethics series of films allows the audience, through a journey in the time and space of cinema history, to explore the depth of the ethics issue in documentary filmmaking. Viewing these films through the perspective of the ethics of the filmmaker, cinema, and the audience of the third millennium should not only expand the audience's horizon, but also be enjoyable. The question which should be asked as you go in is what we can learn about our morals and ethics from our ability to enjoy these films.

Brazilain Film Week

The Brazilian Festival is celebrating its second decade. The 11th edition will showcase five new Brazilian films that examine a variety of subjects. The four features and one documentary illustrate the Brazilian way of life from different and unique perspectives and offer the best of various genres that will suit diverse tastes and ages. 

Wacky Film Club

27.07 - Buster Keaton: On Keaton's timeless comedies

29.08 - Audience Request: An Evening with Charlie Chaplin

Czech Film Week 2011

Following the success of last year's program, this year eight films will be offered, spanning from historical subjects to stories reflecting present day Czech Republic. We are pleased to showcase the best of Czech cinema.