Tribute to Ari Folman

Folman's cinema constantly examines the tension between imagination, including cinema, and reality, gradually fusing the two into one being. This perspective, through which reality acts as a sort of fantasy or hallucination or nightmare (and vice versa of course), does not only stem from the narrative developments, but also from the way in which Folman's cinematic language and his unique use of animation disperses the boundaries between these different levels. Folman's new film adopts many of these characteristics to emotionally and  philosophically examine the question of identity in the time of digital reproduction.

Portuguese Film Week

Established in 2004, the Portuguese Film Week continues to fulfill its central purpose of exposing a variety of current Portuguese filmmaking to the Israeli audience. The ninth edition of the program is dedicated to the Lisbon School and focuses on the main independent production companies working in Portugal today and those directors who represent these companies and the Lisbon School.






Best of the Year

The most watched films of the past year:

Argo //

Fill the Void //

The Gatekeepers //

Life of Pi //

Alceste a bicyclette //


Classics in Sukkoth

A selection  of the most loved and admired films ever made:

Naked //

Ordinary People //

Midnight //

Zorba the Greek //

Pelle the Conqueror //

Midnight Run //

West Side Story //

Roman Holiday //

Gone with the Wind //