Oscar Fever

The best films selected by countries around the world as their Oscar representatives


Austrian Film Week

The Austrian Film Week program celebrates the creative and thought-provoking Austrian cinema.


Must-See Films

Doron Fishler on the cult film The Matrix

Alon Gur Arye on the genius comedy Monty Python's Life of Brian

Lior Elefant on the girl power of Monty Python's Life of Brian

Shalom Hagar on the classic and loved Casablanca

Preview Screenings

Jackie A week after her husband's assassination, Jackie Kennedy sits down for an interview. The memories accumulate to a portrait of a woman grappling with personal and national loss

Between Worlds Two women from two different worlds meet in a hospital, moments after a terror attack in Jerusalem. The two are hiding a secret. 

Women Take Center Stage

A series of films and discussions on the role of women in society, culture and religion