Friday | 19.04.19

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Murer - Anatomy of a Trial
Dir.: Christian Frosch | 137 minutes

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Following the screening, a conversation with director Christian Frosch

Austria, Luxembourg 2018 | 137 minutes | German, Yiddish | Hebrew, English subtitles

Graz, Austria 1963. Franz Murer, a well-respected local politician and land owner is on trial. He is accused of having committed war crimes in the Vilnius ghetto between 1941-1943. Survivors arrive from around the world and leave little doubt as to Murer’s guilt. The Ministry of Justice eventually reaches a decision. The result is one of the greatest scandals of the Austrian justice system - and a timeless, shattering example of political calculation. The film is based on the original documents of the case and weighs the eternal struggle between truth, justice, and political interests.