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Agnès Varda: A Tribute

Agnès Varda, now in her nineties, is considered one of the greatest French filmmakers of all time, a cinematic bard, and a visionary. Her 50 year career includes titles of some of the most celebrated films in history, from Cleo 5 to 7 to Faces Places.

Du côté de la côte + La Point Courte

114 minutes

Du côté de la côte - Agnès Varda explores the buildings and beaches of the French Riviera | La Point Courte - A Parisian couple on holiday faces a marital crisis. The result is a stunning debut, which bears the curiosity and humanity that will characterize Varda’s entire career.

L’opéra-Mouffe + Cleo from 5 to 7

106 minutes

L’opéra-Mouffe - The film follows a day in the life of a pregnant woman, while closely following the events in her neighborhood in Paris | Cleo from 5 to 7 - 90 minutes in the life of a spoiled nightclub singer as she waits for the medical verdict on whether she is to live or die.... A touching poetic cinematic experience about love and death.

Le bonheur

Dir.: Agnès Varda
| 97 minutes

The happiness of the others is the subject of Varda’s third film. Seemingly banal, Varda utilizes a fascinating narrative angle, Impressionist cinematography, and works by Mozart to transform Le bonheur into a small masterpiece. 


Dir.: Agnès Varda
| 75 minutes

Agnès Varda’s film is a thorough look at the daily life on Rue Daguerre, the director’s home and neighborhood of thirty years. A homage to the first photographer and the namesake of her street – Louis Daguerre. 

One Sings, the Other Doesn’t

Dir.: Agnès Varda
| 120 minutes

17-year-old Pauline helps Suzanne with an unwanted pregnancy. Ten years later they meet again at a pro-choice rally. Through flashbacks, we will learn what happened to them throughout the years. One Sings, the Other Doesn’t is a classic that should not be missed. 


Dir.: Agnès Varda
| 105 minutes

The adventures of a lonely young vagabond on the roads of southern France in winter. Her motive is to search for freedom and the tragic dimension lies in the price that society collects for it.

Faces Places

Dir.: Agnes Varda, JR
| 89 minutes

Veteran director Agnes Varda and street artists JR embark on a journey through rural France, capturing everyday heroes in a unique and captivating way. A delightful and original work that has everything that great art can offer. 

Documenteur + 7 Rooms, Kitchen, Bath, Etc

90 minutes

Documenteur - A moving work of autobiographical fiction about a young French woman in Los Angeles wanders the city in search of a home for her and her son | 7 Rooms, Kitchen, Bath, Etc - A poetic short that travels through a seemingly vacant apartment, revealing that the rooms, though stripped of their furnishings, are still alive with the memories of their past inhabitants.

Les plages d’Agnès

Dir.: Agnès Varda
| 109 minutes

Agnès Varda’s gentle self-portrait, peppered with humor and nostalgia, looks back on a cinematic career that spans half a century, and counting. Her films blur fiction and documentary and are graced with curiosity, originality, and innovation.