Saturday | 15.12.18

Monthly Screenings

Atesib! African film Festival

The program will showcase a wide range of works from African filmmakers, presenting authentic and humane cinema. The program will focus on the new generation of young and fascinating filmmakers who are changing the face of the continent and also present classic films.

Green White Green

Dir.: Abba Makama
| 102 minutes

A sassy teen comedy about three bohemian friends in Lagos, Nigeria. As they work on fulfilling their artistic ambitions, they pass their time playing video games, gambling, and talking philosophically about their future. 

Black Girl

Dir.: Ousmane Sembene
| 59 minutes

A poor black girl travels to the Riviera with her French employers, thinking that she can break away from the limitations of her background. She soon finds that she was wrong…. 

Kati Kati

Dir.: Mbithi Masya
| 75 minutes

Imagine waking up one day in a barren wasteland having no idea how you got there. That’s what happens to Kaleche in the mysterious opening sequence of Kati Kati, the debut poetic film by author Mbithi Masya.


Dir.: Ousmane Sembene
| 120 minutes

The Ceddo people try to preserve their traditional African culture against the onslaught of Islam backed by the King’s support. They kidnap the King’s daughter as a protest against their obligation to convert to Islam and a fierce struggle is waged between the two sides.


Dir.: Ousmane Sembene
| 123 minutes

Sembene’s savage and funny satire of modern Africa focuses on a half-Westernized black businessman who becomes impotent because of a curse known as the xala.