Thursday | 18.07.19

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Austrian Film Week

The Austrian Film Week program will showcase a selection of films presenting a great opportunity to celebrate and to get acquainted with the creative and thought-provoking Austrian cinema.

Opening Event

Following the screening, a conversation with director Mirjam Unger

Fly Away Home

Dir.: Mirjam Unger
| 100 minutes

Vienna, 1945. The powder keg of war and the Russian occupation as seen through the innocent eyes of 9-year-old Christine. Bombed out and penniless, her family is put up in a fancy villa in the outskirts of Vienna. After the German soldiers surrender, the Russians take over the house.

Following the screening, a conversation with director Christian Frosch

Murer - Anatomy of a Trial

Dir.: Christian Frosch
| 137 minutes

Franz Murer, a well-respected local politician is accused of having committed war crimes in the Vilnius ghetto. The survivors leave little doubt as to Murer’s guilt. The Ministry of Justice eventually reaches a decision. The result is one of the greatest scandals of the Austrian justice system. 

The Waldheim Waltz

Dir.: Ruth Beckermann
| 93 minutes

Ruth Beckermann documents the process of uncovering former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim’s wartime past. Created from international archive material and what Beckermann shot at the time, the film analyses the collapse of the Austrian grand illusion: being the first victim of the Nazis.

3 Days in Quiberon

Dir.: Emily Atef
| 115 minutes

One year before her death, actress Romy Schneider retreats to a spa and is visited by her close friend Hilde. When two journalists arrive, Hilde tries to shield her friend. For three days, their interaction becomes an emotional roller coaster that leaves Romy more vulnerable than ever. 

Wild Mouse

Dir.: Josef Hader
| 103 minutes

When Georg loses his job, he conceals the fact from his wife Johanna. He decides to retaliate against his former boss and begins to renovate a roller coaster with an old friend.


Dir.: Klaus Handl
| 114 minutes

Andreas and Stefan lead a happy and passionate life. An unexpected and inexplicable outburst of violence suddenly shakes up the relationship.