Monday | 27.05.19

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Children Cinema Club

Digital Animation

Tali Goldring (in Heb.) on the history of digital animation and a Green Screen for kids to become superheroes

Mary Poppins Returns

Dir.: Rob Marshall
| 130 minutes

Years after she helped the Banks family, Mary Poppins returns to help the now grownup Michael, who is a widower with three children and a large debt. The always optimistic nanny will help bring back some joy and innocence into their lives. 

Princesses and Princes from the Movies

Alon Gur Arye (in Heb.) on the most famous princesses and princess in the history of cinema

Princess Emmy

Dir.: Piet De Rycker
| 75 minutes

Princess Emmy has the ability to talk to horses. She spends all day long with her magnificent horses friends. But when her scheming cousin visits the family, she tries to dethrone Emmy. Now, Emmy will have to prove her talents and save the kingdom.

Purim for Kids

Prior to the film, green screen adventures

The Sound of Music

Dir.: Robert Wise
| 174 minutes

Austria, 1938. Maria accepts the position of governess for the seven children of the Von Trapp family. Despite the father’s strictness, the children get caught up in Maria’s heartening outlook and love for music. The Sound of Music is one of the most loved films of all time.

Who’s Afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

Did you know that we can teach computers to behave like humans? In Yoav Mathov’s, The Hebrew University, lecture we will learn how this is done, and the ways it is affecting our daily life (in Heb.)

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Dir.: Rich Moore, Phil Johnston
| 111 minutes

Ralph and Vanellope travel to the Internet to find Vanellope a spare part for her racing car. The journey will lead the two to some exciting adventures. Ralph Breaks the Internet is a brilliant and entertaining ride for the whole family.