Tuesday | 22.01.19

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Cinema Couture

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Dir.: Ian Bonhote, Peter Ettedgui
| 111 minutes

Alexander McQueen’s scandalous fashion shows went beyond sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll to things more chilling, sensual and outrageous. Featuring excerpts from his diaries and interviews with his family and friends, the film shows the wildest, most fruitful years of McQueen’s creative career. 

The N°5 War

Dir.: Stéphane Benhamou
| 53 minutes

From the moment Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel created Chanel N°5 in 1921, the iconic fragrance became the ultimate symbol of luxurious simplicity. However, very few know of the twists and turns in its story. A documentary thriller shedding light on the trade secrets behind Chanel N°5. 

Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist

Dir.: Lorna Tucker
| 80 minutes

Years after she became one of the iconic faces of Punk, shocking London with her provocative outfits, Dame Vivienne Westwood continues to be a pain in the establishment’s backside despite the noble title. 


Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 86 minutes

A fashionable salon owner and her favorite model go on a trip. They both meet interesting men, but at the end they find themselves not far from where they started.... In Dreams Bergman utilizes reflections to convey the emotional world of his heroines. 

Phantom Thread

Dir.: Paul Thomas Anderson
| 130 minutes

Precision and perfection govern the life of haute couture designer Reynolds Woodcock. An eternal bachelor, things changes when Reynolds meets the young Alma. Masterful Paul Thomas Anderson offers an insightful look at the power games present in every relationship and presents an aesthetic and emotional viewing experience.

Double Feature

The First Monday in May + Ocean’s 8

19:00 The First Monday in May: The tension between art and commerce in the fashion world is exposed in this documentary that follows the production of the Met's 2015 fashion exhibit and the preparations for Anna Wintour's gala, attended by the biggest celebrities in their finery / 21:00 Preview screening - Ocean's 8: After Debbie Ocean is released from prison, she wastes no time in gathering the perfect all-star team of women to perform the perfect robbery at the annual Met Gala in NYC. A new take on the Rat Pack and the Ocean trilogy led by an A-List team of female stars.  

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Dir.: Blake Edwards
| 115 minutes

Holly Golightly is a young woman living in 1950s New York City. With no apparent means of support, she pursues older men with deep pockets. But when a young author moves into her building, her financial values seem to go askew…. 

Dior and I

Dir.: Frederic Tcheng
| 89 minutes

A rare look behind the scenes of the world-renowned Christian Dior House of Fashion, and at the fascinating work process of Raf Simons, as he prepares his debut collection there and ultimately an amazingly ambitious fashion show.