Saturday | 15.12.18

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Docaviv Festival 20th Anniversary

Little Dieter Needs to Fly

Dir.: Werner Herzog
| 73 minutes

Dieter Dengler always knew that he had to be a pilot.... He moved to the US at age 18, became an army pilot, went to Vietnam, was captured, escaped and had many other adventures. Werner Herzog documents his amazing life story. 


Dir.: Viktor Kossakovsky
| 86 minutes

The director’s camera is focused on the street outside his St. Petersburg apartment, capturing the yearlong preparations for the city’s 300th anniversary. What begins as an entirely realistic story, transforms, at times, to a surreal and abstract tale.

Steam of Life

Dir.: Joonas Berghall, Mika Hotakainen
| 81 minutes

Steam of Life is a study of Finnish men as framed by the national obsession with the sauna. The filmmakers travel around the country capturing intimate conversations with men about their lives – touching stories about love, grief, longing, friendship, and much more.

The Infinite Happiness

Dir.: Ila Beka, Louise Lemoine
| 85 minutes

A bizarre-looking building on the outskirts of Copenhagen is home to 500 people. Some of them love it and even write poems about it, while others just want to escape. 

Approaching the Elephant

Dir.: Amanda Wilder
| 89 minutes

The ideals of the teachers who hoped to create a democratic school are put to the test when the absolute freedom that they want to give their students is challenged by students who won’t cooperate with their dream.