Sunday | 15.09.19

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Francophone Film Week 2019

The program features works from around the world in which the influence of French culture is evident and that share the same humanistic values of equality and solidarity.

Moon Hotel Kabul

Dir.: Anca Damian
| 90 minutes

Ivan is a cynical journalist, whose reports always include a combination of truth and fiction. While on an assignment in Kabul he has a night of passion with a woman and leaves the next day. When he learns what happened to her, his life changes forever.

Our Struggles

Dir.: Guillaume Senez
| 98 minutes

After his wife suddenly leaves him, Olivier tries to keep as normal routine as possible for his two children. His mother and sister both try to help to relieve the stress, but the shocking breakup is not something that can just be shoved under the rug….

The Last Note

Dir.: Pantelis Voulgaris
| 117 minutes

Napoleon, a prisoner in the Nazi concentration camp in Kaisariani, mediates between the camp authorities and the prisoners. When the Greek Resistance kills an officer and other soldiers and the Germans decide to avenge and execute 200 prisoners, Napoleon is faced with a brutal choice.


Dir.: Philippe Lacôte
| 100 minutes

Run is running away…. He has just killed his country’s prime minister. His life returns to him in flashes: his childhood with master Tourou, when he dreamed of becoming a rainmaker, his incredible adventures with Greedy Gladys, and his militia past during the Ivory Coast’s political and military conflict. 

Boy on the Bridge

Dir.: Petros Charalambous
| 85 minutes

12-year-old Socrates is a free spirited boy. When he discovers that his closest friend is being abused by his father, he decides to take action. What begins as an innocent summer, changes Socrates’ life forever, and teaches him the true meaning of loyalty and family. 


Dir.: Stanislav Todorov-Rogi
| 100 minutes

Kalin and Bilyana grew up in Socialist Bulgaria. 25 years later, after their homeland had seen a social and financial revolution, the two reunite. Their five days together will bring back memories of the past and inspire dreams and desires for the future.

The Fireflies Are Gone

Dir.: Sébastien Pilote
| 96 minutes

Léo is seventeen. She’s about to graduate from high school. She has no plans for the future. She finds some solace in Steve, an older guitarist. But even that is not enough. Sébastien Pilote presents this compelling and precise portrait of female adolescence.

Le fils de Jean

Dir.: Philippe Lioret
| 98 minutes

Mathieu never knew his father. When he receives a phone call telling him his father has passed away and that he has two brothers, he decided to go to the funeral in Montreuil. But upon arrival he discovers that no one knows about him…. 

The Price of Desire

Dir.: Mary McGuckian
| 108 minutes

Eileen Gray was a modernist and groundbreaking artists and architect in the mid-1920s. As her success grew, she became a threat for one the most renowned architects of the 20th century, Le Corbusier, who tried to take credit for her most accomplished work - Villa E-1027.