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Guy Maddin: A Tribute

Nothing can prepare the audience for a Guy Maddin film. His career, spanning over 30 years, has been influenced by a short period in world cinema of the late 1920s, in a time where silent film was progressing towards the talkies; where films enjoyed the aesthetics of the silent era, but began to incorporate sound. Maddin’s vast knowledge of art history and cinema has influenced his artistic choices and has allowed him to precisely outline a fantastic dominion. His characters’ madness and the bizarreness of his plots are parallel to Maddin’s obsession with that period. The result is an assortment of unique, surreal, polished works that incorporate dark humor, outlandish plots, spectacular cinematography, and witty dialogue. 

The Saddest Music in the World

Dir.: Guy Maddin
| 99 minutes

1933. Lady Helen Port-Huntly, a beer baroness and double amputee, chooses Winnipeg as the location for a world competition for the saddest music in the world. The representatives are a group of eccentric characters. 


Dir.: Guy Maddin
| 100 minutes

This bizarre comedy takes place in an isolated Alpine village where the residents speak in whispers so as not to cause an avalanche. On this backdrop, two parallel stories of incest unfold. 

My Winnipeg

Dir.: Guy Maddin
| 80 minutes

A multi-layered work with a unique style – black-and-white, archival segments, text crossing the screen, a meticulous soundtrack, playfully crosses the thin line between drama and documentary, between fact and memory, between belief and fate – that tries to capture the essence of Winnipeg.

Dracula – Pages from a Virgin’s Diary

Dir.: Guy Maddin
| 73 minutes

Guy Maddin presents his version of Bram Stoker’s classic vampire story – a gothic tale full of humor. This is actually a black-and-white silent film adaptation of an erotic ballet work performed by the Winnipeg Ballet. Maddin’s Dracula is a daring rendition that showcases Maddin’s brilliant control of cinematic means.