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Henri-Georges Clouzot: A Tribute

Les diaboliques

Dir.: Henri-George Clouzot
| 114 minutes

Two women join forces to murder the sadistic husband of one of them. They dump his body in a swimming pool only to find, the following day, it has disappeared. The husband turns up in the most unlikely of places – is he alive or dead?

L’assassin habite... au 21

Dir.: Henri-Georges Clouzot
| 84 minutes

A serial killer leaves a calling card on each of his victims. Inspector Wens poses as a vicar to catch the murderer, after he is tipped that the killer lives in a boarding house. Clouzot presents a thriller comedy that showcases his talent in devising characters and plot. 

Le mystere picasso

Dir.: Henri-Georges Clouzot
| 78 minutes

Picasso and Clouzot have known each other for 20 years and together they try to capture the artist’s creative process. The camera follows the drawing hand, the artist’s movements, his penetrating eyes. The result is a sort of duel between two art forms. 

Le salaire de la peur

Dir.: Henri-George Clouzot
| 131 minutes

Four penniless men decide to work their way out of a desolate South American town by driving a truckload of nitro-glycerine to a burning oil well.

Le scandale Clouzot

Dir.: Pierre-Henri Gibert
| 60 minutes

Henri-Georges Clouzot’s body of work has marked him as a master of suspense that knows how to convert human turbulent emotions into breathtaking visual spectacle. The film explores the romantic dimension of Clouzot’s work and exposes a multifaceted man. 

L’Enfer d’Henri-Georges Clouzot

Dir.: Serge Bromberg, Ruxandra Medrea
| 94 minutes

In 1964, Henri-Georges Clouzot embarked on his greatest production. But everything that could go wrong did. Years later, the raw footage was found. This film tries to uncover the story behind this production and exposes the character of this visual genius.