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Ingmar Bergman: A Retrospective

The year 2018 marks 100 years since the birth of Ingmar Bergman: world-famous filmmaker, legendary theatre director and exceptional writer. The retrospective marks this occasion and will held in three parts. Part 1, which will be shown during February and March, is dedicated to Bergman’s early works; Part 2 (June-August) is dedicated to films from the 1950s-1960s, Part 3 (October-December) will showcase Bergman's late works.


Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 88 minutes

A married couple on their way home on a train indulges in private memories. Partly autobiographical, Bergman’s bitter view of marriage is a work that explores loneliness, existential crisis, and the relations between men and women. 


Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 78 minutes

A journalist writes a script about hell on earth and finds the ideal actress for the main role – a prostitute. Prison is the story of the love affair between the two. The film is one of Bergman’s most personal works, influenced by German expressionism.

Port of Call

Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 99 minutes

Gertrud, a pure and naive girl, is caught between her past and the rigid puritanism of her mother. A bleak tale, from Bergman’s short “realist” period, Port of Call received critical acclaim and was named one of the best Swedish films of all time. 

Music in the Darkness

Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 85 minutes

Bergman`s fourth film tells the story of a blind young man who marries a poor wife, and how they both struggle to win recognition from society. The sentimental plot enables Bergman to deal with what interest him the most to explore – loneliness.

It Rains on Our Love

Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 95 minutes

David has recently been released from prison. Maggi who once wanted to become an actress, carries a child whose father is unknown. The two meet at the Central Station in Stockholm. Their struggle against the hostile world brings them gradually together.... 

A Ship to India

Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 102 minutes

Captain Blom treats his hunchback son Johannes with cruelty and contempt. The enmity between them comes to a head when Blom brings Sally, a backstreet dancer, to the ship and Johannes falls for her.

To Joy

Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 95 minutes

During rehearsals for a concert, a young violinist is called to the phone to hear that his wife has been killed in an accident. The central flashback in the film tells the story of their meeting, marriage, discord, and reunion.

Summer Interlude

Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 96 minutes

A prima ballerina looks back at the wonderful summer she spent several years before on a Swedish island with the boy she loved. One of the highlights of Bergman’s early period, Summer Interlude is a heartfelt and moving work

Smiles of a Summer Night

Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 104 minutes

A charming comedy of manners about a group of men and women who spend a weekend in the country. During the course of the weekend, couples meet, separate and exchange partners.... 


Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 86 minutes

A fashionable salon owner and her favorite model go on a trip. They both meet interesting men, but at the end they find themselves not far from where they started.... In Dreams Bergman utilizes reflections to convey the emotional world of his heroines. 

A Lesson in Love

Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 95 minutes

A gynecologist meets his estranged wife on a train where they relive their past. A Lesson in Love is a unique Bergman comedy that explores one of Bergman’s favorite subjects: an individual whose crisis in life brings about a fundamental change. 

The Naked Night

Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 95 minutes

Ingmar Bergman presents love as an unfulfilling object and offers a harsh view on relationships in this story of a crisis in the relationship between a circus owner and his mistress. This somber approach is formulated with an artist’s hand and effective camerawork.

Secrets of Women

Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 105 minutes

Three women, married to three brothers, are on holiday. While they wait for their husbands they each recount an episode of their past lives. Secrets of Women, with its visual innovation, elegant directing, and comic undertones, became an international success

Summer with Monika

Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 97 minutes

Harry falls in love with Monika, a beautiful and seductive saleswoman. They marry and have a baby, but Monika quickly becomes bored with married life…. Through the story of young love and the culmination of a relationship, Bergman offers a somber look at adulthood and relationships.


Dir.: Ingmar Bergman
| 93 minutes

18-year-old Nelly lives in a peaceful town with her adoptive mother. When her biological mother comes back into her life, Nelly moves to the big city and falls for Jack, her mother’s diabolical suitor. Bergman’s debut film already combines some of the master’s signature elements.