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Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2018

Murer - Anatomy of a Trial

Dir.: Christian Frosch
| 137 minutes

Franz Murer, a well-respected local politician is accused of having committed war crimes in the Vilnius ghetto. The survivors leave little doubt as to Murer’s guilt. The Ministry of Justice eventually reaches a decision. The result is one of the greatest scandals of the Austrian justice system. 

Never Look Away

Dir.: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
| 188 minutes

A powerful sweeping drama, inspired by the early life and career of renowned artist Gerhard Richter and spanning three eras of German history. Never Look Away, follows Kurt Barnert through his traumatic childhood in Nazi Germany, student life in the GDR, and realization as an artist.  

Oma & Bella

Dir.: Alexa Karolinski
| 80 minutes

An intimate glimpse into the world of two friends living together in Berlin. Having survived the Holocaust and remaining in Germany after the War, it is through the food they cook that they remember their childhoods and answer questions of heritage, memory, and identity. 

The Optimists

Dir.: Eliezer Yaari
| 55 minutes

A Palestinian family moves to Kibbutz Ketura. The founders of the kibbutz are former members of a Zionist youth movement who immigrated to Israel as a group and settled in the desert. Will the small desert kibbutz create a new chance for Israeli society as a whole? 

Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz

Dir.: Barry Avrich
| 82 minutes

Ben Ferencz is the last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor and lifelong advocate of “law not war.” After witnessing the Nazi horrors, Ferencz became the lead prosecutor in the Einsatzgruppen case at Nuremberg, which has been called the biggest murder trial in history. 


Dir.: Nabil Ayouch
| 120 minutes

Casablanca, Morocco, past and present. Five people, of different religious and social backgrounds, intercept in this kaleidoscopic drama as they are pushed to the fringes by the extremist government. An honest and deeply humanistic portrait of contemporary Morocco. 

Reflected Light

Dir.: Mordechai Vardi
| 67 minutes

The vast majority of secular Jews who have become religious have failed to integrate within Haredi society. In 2009, in a process that has gained momentum, newly-observant Jews gathered and called to disengage from ultra-Orthodox society. 

A Rose in Winter

Dir.: Joshua Sinclair
| 132 minutes

Edith Stein, one of the most compelling women in Judeo-Christian history, the first and only Jewish patron saint of Europe, and a fearless advocate for women’s rights. The film follows Stein's courageous path in which she became a nun and challenged the Church to stand against the Holocaust. 


Dir.: Julien Menanteau
| 52 minutes

Samaritans are a unique minority in the Middle East, but the community has only 780 members left today. Julien Menanteau’s gentle and perceptive camera succeeds in capturing a unique people and culture, a minority torn apart by its paradoxical identity. 

Simon & Theodore

Dir.: Mikael Buch
| 84 minutes

Simon has just been released from a psychiatric hospital and is about to become a father. His wife is not convinced that he is ready. Enter Théodore, an endearing and cantankerous teen, who will give Simon the chance to reflect upon his imminent fatherhood and seriously upend his insecurities. 


Dir.: Konstantin Khabenskiy
| 110 minutes

With nothing to lose, the prisoners of camp Sobibor - led by Alexander Pechersky, carried out the only successful revolt in the history of the death camps. Based on factual events, this dramatic film tells an extraordinary true story of heroism and resistance of the human spirit. 

A Standard Love Song: Arik Einstein, Eps. 1 & 3

Created by: Avida Livny, Assaf Amir, Yoav Kutner
| 104 minutes

A Standard Love Song is a musical biography of Arik Einstein, the artist whose voice served as the anchor for Israeli culture, and whose life tells the story of Tel Aviv, of Israel, and of Israelis: dreamers, warriors, artists, and lovers.

They Called Me Ovadia

Dir.: Tal Michael, David Ofek
| 50 minutes

Abed Rajoub is one of the most senior Palestinian agents to collaborate with Israel. Recruited by the Israeli defense apparatus as a kid, he declares he would rather be Israeli than Palestinian. But looking bak, he longs for the Palestinian identity he suppressed. 

The Vichy Police

Dir.: David Korn Brzoza
| 94 minutes

Making use of previously unseen materials, the film retraces the role of the French police, in which tens of thousands of Jews were handed over to the Germans during WWII. Of special note is the only known photograph of the velodrome during the roundup. 

Who Will Write Our History

Dir.: Roberta Grossman
| 90 minutes

The untold story of a resistance group in the Warsaw Ghetto who risked their lives so that the truth would survive even if they did not. Led by historian Emanuel Ringelblum, this clandestine organization established the Oneg Shabbat Archives and buried hundreds of thousands of eye-witness accounts and recordings. 


Dir.: Barbra Streisand
| 143 minutes

Based on a story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, this musical tells of woman who poses as a man to study in a Yeshiva. She falls in love with a fellow student whose fiancée becomes smitten with her.