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John Cassavetas: A Tribute

In his pioneering cinematic vision, John Cassavetas, the father of American independent cinema, saw his work as a process of self-exploration, through which he sought to examine the meaning of his life and the life of those around him. Meticulous and stylish, Cassavetas brought the art of cinema to groundbreaking achievements.

Must-See Films

Speaker (in Heb.): Tom Shoval


Dir.: John Cassavetes
| 130 minutes

Richard and Maria have a strong relationship, until he meets another woman and mutters something about a divorce and she goes out to find a new companion…. In typical Cassavetesian means, Faces forms a story about loneliness 


Dir.: John Cassavetes
| 81 minutes

Cassavetes’ debut film centers on the lives of three youngsters sharing an apartment in New York of the late 1950s. Cassavetes’s heroes are in constant search of meaning, dealing with questions of identity and racism. 


Dir.: John Cassavetes
| 138 minutes

Three middle-aged buddies meet at the funeral of a common friend and decide to leave their daily routine and fly to London. 

Minnie and Moskowitz

Dir.: John Cassavetes
| 115 minutes

Minnie is an art curator. Moskowitz is a parking lot attendant. They meet when Minnie’s blind date threatens her in Moskowitz’s lot. Cassavetes presents his version of a romantic comedy. 

A Woman Under the Influence

Dir.: John Cassavetes
| 155 minutes

Cassavetes’ masterpiece charts the emotional meltdown of a suburban housewife. The drama unfolds episodically, and the improvised scenes are some of the finest examples of Cassavetes’ style. Gena Rowlands’ performance is heart-wrenching and unforgettable.

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie

Dir.: John Cassavetes
| 109 minutes

The owner of a strip club finds himself in trouble after heavy gambling losses. Instead of paying the debt, our hero is offered to execute a Chinese gambling agent suspected of embezzlement. A demanding and fascinating film in which Cassavetes’ unique style becomes pure poetics. 

Opening Night

Dir.: John Cassavetes
| 143 minutes

An aging famous theater actress suffers an emotional uproar when she is asked to play a character experiencing the same troubles she herself is experiencing – emptiness and doubts about the paths she has chosen. 


Dir.: John Cassavetes
| 123 minutes

A feisty blond from the Bronx, who was once a mobster’s mistress, lives next door to a police informer about to be “eliminated” by the mafiosos. The tempestuous woman saves the man’s little boy just seconds before his family is massacred. 

Love Streams

Dir.: John Cassavetes
| 135 minutes

An overemotional woman undergoing the breakup of her marriage turns up on the doorstep of her brother…. Love Streams is Cassavetes’ pinnacle cinematic research of the human psyche and the ways in which it can be captured on film.