Saturday | 15.12.18

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The Disaster Artist

Dir.: James Franco
| 98 minutes

Cult film Room, which came out in 2003, is labeled the worst film ever made. The Disaster Artist chronicles the production of the film and provides a portrait of its director Tommy Wiseau. 

The Square

Dir.: Ruben Östlund
| 142 minutes

After helping a stranger out, Christian, a curator of an exhibition about goodness, discovers his wallet was stolen. This sets off a series of events that put his morals to the test. A serious and thought-provoking comedy, full of brilliantly executed ideas.


Dir.: Limor Shmila
| 79 minutes

After her beloved grandfather passes away, Efi returns to her hometown of Acre. There she meets Karen, a teacher, wife and mother of two. The two fall in love. This newfound love will force Effie to face her demons.

A Fantastic Woman

Dir.: Sebastián Lelio
| 103 minutes

When her life partner dies, a transgender woman is faced with scrutiny by the authorities and her partner’s family. A Fantastic Woman (Oscar for Best Foreign Film) “is a brilliant film: a richly humane, moving study of someone keeping alive the memory and the fact of love” (The Guardian). 


Dir.: Scott Cooper
| 133 minutes

In the final days of the quest for the West, a veteran officer and a dying Indian chief embark on a journey to bring the chief home. The journey becomes one of contemplation. Scott Cooper presents a controlled and emotive work with sensational performances. 


Dir.: Eliran Elya
| 88 minutes

A story about a detached man that aspires to save delinquent youth through art. Their extreme personalities, their riotous energy, and their charm awaken in him curiosity and attraction; together, they break through the boundaries of the rehabilitative framework.

I, Tonya

Dir.: Craig Gillespie
| 121 minutes

Competitive figure ice skater Tonya Harding shot to stardom in the 1990, despite a difficult childhood and abusive relationships. But when her biggest competitor was injured by someone close to Tonya, she faced a very public scandal. I, Tonya presents this story with a witty and sharp script. 

Loving Vincent

Dir.: Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman
| 94 minutes

son of postman in the town where Van Gogh spent his last weeks, tries to uncover the mystery surrounding the artist's suicide. The investigation will reveal a portrait of a misunderstood man. Loving Vincent is a love letter to the masterful painter.

Ready Player One

Dir.: Steven Spielberg
| 140 minutes

A young man embarks on a race against other uses of the virtual world of Oasis and a greedy tycoon to find the treasure worth billions hidden in the Oasis by its creator. Full of fast paced action scenes and countless cultural references.

Au revoir là-haut

Dir.: Albert Dupontel
| 117 minutes

1918. A few days before the Armistice, Édouard Péricourt, a gifted artist, saves Albert Maillard’s life. These two men have nothing in common but the war and a shared hatred for Lieutenant Pradelle. Albert and Édouard mount a monumental scam to get their revenge.