Tuesday | 22.10.19

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Dir.: Jacob Goldwasser
| 100 minutes

Laces tells the story of a complicated relationship between Reuben, an aging father, and Gadi, his special-needs son, whom he abandoned as a young boy. Years later, Reuben's kidneys are failing and Gadi wants to donate one of his own kidneys. 

First Man

Dir.: Damien Chazelle
| 142 minutes

Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11’s journey to the moon in 1969 stand in the center of Damien Chazelle’s third feature. Chazelle brilliantly offers, as in his previous works – Whiplash and La La Land, an intense and extraordinary cinematic experience, while Ryan Gosling gives a restrained and powerful performance.

Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life

Dir.: Tomer Heymann
| 106 minutes

Jonathan Agassi is one of the world’s most successful gay porn stars. A rare and intimate look at the world of porn and escorting, as well as a unique mother and son relationship, redefining familiar family norms.


Dir.: Aneesh Chaganty
| 102 minutes

A frantic father tries to find his missing daughter and breaks into her computer. This mystery unfolds through the computer screen and the different ways it offers us the chance to connect to the world. Aneesh Chaganty transforms these gimmicky moves into a surprising and suspenseful movie.

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot

Dir.: Gus Van Sant
| 113 minutes

After an all-night drinking binge, cartoonist John Callaghan finds himself confined to a wheelchair. Gus Van Sant’s new film is a bittersweet comic drama based on a true-life story, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah Hill, and Rooney Mara.


Dir.: Chang-dong Lee
| 158 minutes

A complicated and mysterious love triangle forms between Jong-su, a villager living in Seoul, Hae-mi, who used to live in the same village, and her city slick boyfriend, whom she met in Africa. “A drama becoming a thriller… intensifying little by little…” (The A. V. Club).

The Kindergarten Teacher

Dir.: Sara Colangelo
| 99 minutes

A kindergarten teacher believes one of the children under her care is a poetry prodigy and will do everything she can to develop his talents, even if that means confrontations. "This is a rich character study that takes constantly surprising turns” (Hollywood Reporter).

The Heiresses

Dir.: Marcelo Martinessi
| 98 minutes

Chela and Chiquita have been living together for many years. Chiquita keeps a youthful disposition, but Chela hardly leaves the bed. But when Chiquita is imprisoned, Chela will have to wake up and rediscover life. A wicked little drama that captures the heart.