Monday | 16.09.19

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The Silent Revolution

Dir.: Lars Karume
| 111 minutes

East Germany, 1956. When a class of seniors decides to protest the Soviet invasion of Hungary, the local authorities take a stern stand, leaving the students with a difficult decision: rat out the initiators of the protest or lose the right to take the matriculation exams. 


Dir.: Alfonso Cuarón
| 135 minutes

A year in the life of Cleo, the faithful maid of a middle-class family in Mexico City of the 1970s. Cuarón offers a series of astonishing scenes and presents one of the best films of the decade.

The Favourite

Dir.: Yorgos Lanthimos
| 119 minutes

The days of Queen Anne’s reign, two women vie for the Queen’s attention and for unparalleled power in the kingdom. Yorgos Lanthimos presents a political satire enjoys an excellent ensemble and a venomous script, making The Favourite one of the best films of 2018.


Dir.: Adam McKay
| 132 minutes

Dick Cheney’s path to the top of American politics becomes, in the hands of Adam McKay, a witty political satire. McKay offers sophisticated cinema that manages to entertain, and in the process, present viewers with weighty questions. 

Cold Pursuit

Dir.: Hans Petter Moland
| 119 minutes

A snowplow driver seeks revenge against the drug dealers he believes killed his son. Cold Pursuit enjoys a quick-paced script, surprising twists and turns, and affective dark humor. 

Cold War

Dir.: Pawel Pawlikowski
| 89 minutes

An effective and clever romantic drama about the relationship between two Polish musicians in the decade and a half since WWII. 

Three Identical Strangers

Dir.: Tim Wardle
| 96 minutes

In 1980, three strangers find out that they are in fact triplets. As they begin to dig into the past, they unveil a most unsettling plot. This blockbuster documentary asks essential questions about identity, heredity, and upbringing.