Monday | 27.05.19

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Rotterdam Live

Rotterdam Live is an innovative and unique cinematic event – simultaneous screenings of films from the prestigious Rotterdam Film Festival around the world. Viewers are invited to view film premieres, the screening will be introduced by the filmmakers and following the audience is welcomed to take part in a Q&A with the filmmakers via Twitter.

Special thanks to Bero Beyer, Festival Director, Melissa van der Schoor, Marit Oprins

Messi and Maud (formerly La Holandesa)

Dir.: Marleen Jonkman
| 92 minutes

After a nasty fight with her husband over their attempts to have children, Maud decides to take off. When she meets Diego and his rough around the edges father, Maud decides to take action. A sharp work about a woman that decides to take charge of her destiny. 


Dir.: Gabriela Pichler
| 102 minutes

Welcome to Lafors! A small Swedish community in desperate need of a fresh start. Hope rises when the German low-cost superstore Superbilly is considering setting up business in the area. But who owns the town - the local government office or the people. The battle for Lafors has begun.

Blue My Mind

Dir.: Lisa Brühlmann
| 97 minutes

Young Mia is facing an overwhelming and difficult transformation – a new home, a new school, popular kids, her changing body. Good thing she befriended Gianna. Lisa Brühlmann presents an original and captivating take on the adolescence genre

Nico, 1988

Dir.: Susanna Nicchiarelli
| 95 minutes

In 1988, Nico is a legendary star created by Andy Warhol as the female answer to the Velvet Underground. She is touring Europe with her band, performing wherever she can, addicted to heroin, as is her son. Susanna Nicciarelli presents a cinematic and captivating biography


Dir.: Olga Chajdas
| 120 minutes

Self-assured debut about cool and apparently aloof teacher Nina, who is looking for a surrogate mother for the child she and her husband long for. Young, attractive Magda looks like a suitable candidate. But everything changes when Nina unexpectedly falls in love with the lesbian.