Tuesday | 22.01.19

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Solidarity - Human Rights Film Festival

Solidarity – Human Rights Film Festival combines award-winning narrative and documentary films, providing contexts for issues related to social and political struggles.

Freedom for the Wolf

Dir.: Rupert Russell
| 89 minutes

From the Occupy Hong Kong movement through the Arab Spring to Donald Trump’s inauguration, the notion of freedom around the world can accelerate liberation but can also lead to violence, oppression and the violation of other’s rights.

City of the Sun

Dir.: Rati Oneli
| 104 minutes

The lives, dreams and destinies of extraordinary characters unfold amidst the ruins of a semi-abandoned mining town in Western Georgia, which used to provide half the world’s output of manganese and is today a ghost town searching for its place in the 21st century. 

69 Minutes of 86 Days

Dir.: Egil Haskjold Larsen
| 70 minutes

The film follows Syrian refugees on an 86-day journey, as told through the eyes of three-year old Lian, whose experience of being uprooted from her home and traveling all the way to Sweden is portrayed with a good dose of laughter and amazement. 

A Letter to the President

Dir.: Roya Sadat
| 83 minutes

The head of the Kabul Police crime unit, a mother of two, copes in this narrative film with impossible choices that stem from life alongside a violent man and her insistence on her independence within the patriarchal reality of Afghanistan. 

Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas

Dir.: Joakim Demmer
| 80 minutes

Ethiopia is a dreamland for foreigners investing in agricultural territory, and also reflective of the dark face of globalization in the third world. The film exposes the damage caused by the interaction between wealthy foreign nationals, corrupt collaborators in the regime and helpless local residents.