Saturday | 15.12.18

Monthly Screenings

Turkish Film Week: On Borders and People

An initiative of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

This program, showcasing some of the best of Turkish cinema, presents a unique insight into Turkey, past and present, and aims to showcase, through the prism of cinema, the challenges Turkey faces today. The films will be accompanied by short lectures (in Heb.).

A Journey to Identity: A Search in the Shadows of Past Trauma

Speaker (in Heb.): Duygu Atlas. With a performance of Turkish traditional and contemporary music


Dir.: Kazim Öz
| 110 minutes

A young New Yorker embarks on a journey to his homeland – Turkey. Here he returns to the regions of Kurdistan, to the geographical and human landscapes from which his heritage was made, to the sounds and stories. 

The Triangular: Connection Police, Crime, and Terrorism in Turkey in the 1990s

Speaker (in Heb.): Dr. Omri Paz


Dir.: Emin Alper
| 119 minutes

After 20 years in jail, Kadir is released from prison on the condition that he becomes an informant. Kadir tries to embrace his new found freedom, but when terrorism hits his hometown things get out of hand. Frenzy is a brilliant psychological thriller 

All We Have Forgotten: On the Lives of Villagers Facing the Elements in Turkey

Speaker (in Heb.): Idan Barir

Cold of Kalandar

Dir.: Mustafa Kara
| 139 minutes

Mehmet and his family live in the mountains of north Turkey. The villagers make a living working the mines, but Mehmet has other ideas. Until he strikes gold, his family lives a life of destitute. A modest family drama that plays on the heartstrings. 

Between People and Cats: How Pets have Become Dominant in Istanbul

Speaker (in Heb.): Ido Ben-Ami


Dir.: Ceyda Torun
| 79 minutes

A surprising, original, insightful, and entertaining portrait of Istanbul – its streets, people, and everyday life – presented from the perspective of the metropolis’ street cats. Kedi successfully captures the deep connection between the city and its inhabitants – human and feline.