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Cinema Italia

The Cinema Italia program offers the viewers a close look at contemporary Italian cinema and an opportunity to watch the greatest Italian classics on the big screen.

The Italian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv is proud to present the fifth edition of Cinema Italia Italian Film Festival in Israel, a major event in its 2018 cultural program, taking place under the auspices of the Embassy of Italy in Israel.

Cinema Italia 2018 is the result of the close and fruitful collaboration between ADAMAS Italia Israel, the Italian Cultural Institutes of Tel Aviv and Haifa, Istituto Luce Cinecittא, the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo and the Cinematheques of Israel.

Special thanks to Foundation Italy-Israel for Culture and Art.

We wish to thank Monica Moscato – Filmitalia, Laura Argento - Cineteca Nazionale, Paola Ruggiero – Cinecittא Luce, Carmen Accaputo – Cineteca Bologna, Tina Martelloni e Gualtiero Rosella, Shiri Lev-Ari.

Ronny Fellus and Dan Angelo Muggia, Artistic Directors

Love and Bullets

Dir.: Manetti Bros.
| 139 minutes

When Don Vincenzo passes away, his wife is a little too upset. Perhaps things are not as they seem; perhaps the Don is not dead, but just fed up with the life of crime and wishes to retire. The only obstacle left is the woman that knows his secret. A musical mafia film for the ages. 

The Bicycle Thieves

Dir.: Vittorio De Sica
| 90 minutes

A man is offered a job as a bill-sticker provided he has a bicycle. He retrieves his own from the pawnbroker, but it is stolen on the first day. He spends the day desperately searching for it with his young son... A humane and poignant story unfolds. 

Everything You Want

Dir.: Francesco Bruni
| 106 minutes

Giorgio, an elderly poet living alone, forms an unlikely friendship with Alessandro, who is 60 years his junior. Their friendship will send them on a sensitive journey through past memories. Francesco Bruni explores the generational gap without falling into clichés.

Without Pity

Dir.: Alberto Lattuada
| 95 minutes

Desperate, Angela turns to prostitution when she discovers her brother has died in post-WWII Livoro. Jerry, an African-American soldier, falls in love with her and is willing to risk everything to save her. Without Pity, script written by Fellini, is a cornerstone of neo-realism cinema.

Screening in the presence of director Paolo Genovese

The Place

Dir.: Paolo Genovese
| 105 minutes

A mysterious man sits at the back of The Place café. People come to him with their deepest wishes and he agrees to fulfill them if they accomplish a task of their own. How far will they go to realize their desires? The new film by the director of Perfect Strangers.


The Order of Things

Dir.: Andrea Segre
| 112 minutes

When Corrado, a policeman for the Italian immigration task force, meets Swada, a young refugee, his perspective on his work shifts, causing a crisis of consciousness and a confrontation with his commanding officers. 

La Terra Trema

Dir.: Luchino Visconti
| 160 minutes

Luchino Visconti creates one of the great showpieces of neo-realism, in which the fishermen of a small village have to deal with the avarice of the wealthy. 

Germany Year Zero

Dir.: Roberto Rosselini
| 78 minutes

15-year-old Edmund has to support his family by working odd jobs in 1946 Berlin. An old teacher encourages him to kill his father.... A chilling portrait of Germany in the days after the Nazi regime. 

A Ciambra

Dir.: Jonas Carpignano
| 118 minutes

Pio, the son of a gypsy family, lives on the outskirts of south Italy. His older brother is his idol, teaching him the necessary skills for life on the streets. When he is imprisoned, Pio sets out to fill his brother’s shoes. But does he truly want to?

Bitter Rice

Dir.: Giuseppe De Santis
| 108 minutes

Two thieves on the run find refuge within a group of women working in rice fields. One of them comes up with a plan that might just end it all…. One of the highlights of the neo-realistic genre.

Screening in the presence of director Andrea Magnani


Dir.: Andrea Magnani
| 91 minutes

Once the king of go-kart racing, now Easy can’t even fit in the driver’s seat. His brother offers him a seemingly easy job, but everything that can go wrong does. A compassionate comedy that offers an abundance of optimism. 


Dir.: Gianni Ameglio
| 103 minutes

70-year-old Renato is a misanthrope living in an old building in the heart of Napoli and who has lost all interest in his family. But when the perfect family moves next door, Renato suddenly finds himself as attached as can be.