Tuesday | 22.01.19

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Dir.: Blandine Lenoir
| 87 minutes

Aurore is recently separated, lost her job, and just found out she is going to be a grandmother. When she meets an old flame, she decided to take a stand and change her life. Perhaps celebrating 50 springs will not be so bad after all?

Last Flag Flying

Dir.: Richard Linklater
| 125 minutes

Thirty years after serving together in Vietnam, three friends reunite to bury the son of one of them, who died in the Iraq war. Richard Linklater continues to explore American masculinity with a series of humane, piercing, and precise scenes.

The Bachelors

Dir.: Kurt Voelke
| 99 minutes

After the death of his wife, Bill and his son make a new start in Los Angeles. They both meet women that will help them face their grief and the future. “Deftly balancing humor and grief” (Los Angeles Times).

The Invisibles

Dir.: Claus Räfle
| 110 minutes

In June 1943, Germany infamously declared Berlin “free of Jews.” But there were still 7,000 Jews living in Berlin in hiding, sometimes protected by courageous Berliners. The Invisibles tells the stories of four of these survivors and their unique experiences.


Dir.: Asaf Saban
| 80 minutes

Gili and Yaara decide to leave the city and have a fresh start, building a house in the countryside of the Galilee. But while their dream house is being built, the foundations of their relationship slowly collapse. 

You Were Never Really Here

Dir.: Lynne Ramsay
| 89 minutes

A former FBI agent and veteran soldier, who now works as an assassin for the underworld, sets out to rescue the daughter of a senator that was kidnapped by a sex trafficking ring. A cinematic experience that evokes the senses in an extraordinary way.


La villa

Dir.: Robert Guédiguian
| 107 minutes

Three grown children gather at the house of their dying father on a small and beautiful creek near Marseille. Here, in the house where they grew up, in the pastoral landscape of southern France, secrets from the past will be revealed and relationships will be tested. 

BPM 120 battements par minute

Dir.: Robin Campillo
| 143 minutes

In Paris of the early 1990s, the Act Up activist group fights against general indifference to HIV. Nathan, a newcomer to the group, is shaken up by one of the activists…. 


Dir.: Aisling Walsh
| 115 minutes

Maud Lewis was a self-taught artist who, despite a handicap and with the help of her husband, a hardened and somewhat deformed man himself, became a well renowned artist. “One of the most beautiful and life-affirming and uplifting movies of the year” (Chicago Sun-Times).

The Death of Stalin

Dir.: Aramando Iannucci
| 107 minutes

The days that follow Josef Stalin’s death are full of chaos – the succession fight is crammed with men competing for the title with astonishing and mean strategies. The plot twists, sharp dialogues, and tremendous ensemble create an audacious satire that will make you burst with laughter. 

In the Fade

Dir.: Fatih Akin
| 106 minutes

After losing her son and husband in an explosion, Katja is drawn into the investigation and trial of the suspects. The past and her grief become legitimate materials in court, challenging her perception of justice. A humane drama that will take the audience on an emotionally tense journey.


Dir.: Jason Reitman
| 94 minutes

With three children, Marlo is at her wit’s end. To her help comes 20-something Tully, a nanny that becomes much more than a helping hand. The third collaboration between Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody.

The Rider

Dir.: Chloé Zhao
| 104 minutes

After a horse crushed his skull at a rodeo, the riding days of rising rodeo circuit star Brady are over. In an attempt to regain control of his own fate, Brady undertakes a search for new identity.